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BAE selected to create autonomy software for multi-domain mission planning

BAE Systems say it will develop software for military operators that will enable semi-autonomous multi-domain mission planning.

Boeing to contribute £60,000 to the Open University Disabled Veterans Fund

Boeing is to contribute more than £60,000 to the Open University Disabled Veterans’ Scholarships Fund.

Wireless Broadband Alliance successfully complete first phase Wi-Fi 6 trials

The Wireless Broadband Alliance today confirmed the successful completion of its phase one trial of Wi-Fi 6.

NATO AWACS aircraft support London leaders meeting

AWACS aircraft from NATO’s Airborne Early Warning and Control Force conducted air surveillance missions over London.

Permali Gloucester contracted to protect Commando Merlin MK4 helicopters

Permali Gloucester has been contracted by Leonardo to supply ballistic protection for the Royal Navy’s new Commando Merlin Mk4 helicopters.

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth returns home

Portsmouth is now home to two aircraft carriers for...

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