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Typhoon launches for first time with Meteor missile

Typhoon jets launched from RAF Lossiemouth yesterday with the Meteor Air-to-Air missiles for the first time during a Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) mission.

Australia’s first F-35 jets arrive home

Australia's first two locally-based F-35 fighter aircraft arrived at Royal Australian Air Force station Williamtown, marking a milestone for the programme.

Work completed on HMS Scott at Rosyth

Babcock International has successfully completed a significant work package – including an engine replacement – on Royal Navy ocean survey vessel, HMS Scott. 

Statement on the Type 31e Frigate Competitive Design Phase

Stuart Andrew, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence Procurement, released a written statement on the three contracts for the Competitive Design Phase for the Type 31e Frigate.

HMS Dragon engages in ‘war games’ during visit to India

HMS Dragon met Indian destroyer Kolkata for Exercise Konkan, say the Royal Navy.

British and French forces on Exercise Global Eagle

Exercise Global Eagle saw over 200 RAF Police and RAF Regiment personnel from 2 FP Wg based at RAF Leeming join a similar number from Commando Parachutistes de l’Air 20 of the French Air Force at Caylus training area near Toulouse.

International News

What is happening in Ukraine?

The crisis began earlier after Russia stopped the three Ukrainian ships from entering the Sea of Azov via the Kerch Strait by placing a cargo ship beneath a Russian-controlled bridge.

Russia a greater threat to Britain than Islamic State says head of British Army

Chief of the General Staff, General Mark Carleton-Smith, has claimed that Russia is a greater threat to Britain than Islamic State.

Belgian firm sells advanced war room software to China

China has obtained software used by NATO for war room mapping, giving the country significant insight into how NATO powers conduct planning.

British Government reaffirm importance of Gibraltar to UK defence

The signing of the Armed Forces (Gibraltar) Act marks an important milestone for both the UK and Gibraltar, say the British government.

NATO chief expresses concern about Chinese missiles

Chief of NATO Jens Stoltenberg has urged Beijing to join an expanded Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, so that its missiles become bound by it.

UK and northern European allies to tackle Russian disinformation

The UK and northern European allies have agreed to establish a multinational group of experts to tackle Russian disinformation, say the MoD.

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