American F-35A stealth aircraft deploy to Estonia

Two F-35A stealth jets and supporting personnel arrived at Ämari Air Base, Estonia this week.

Royal Navy Destroyer enters the Black Sea

HMS Daring has sailed through the Bosphorus Straight and into the Black Sea, a move described by Russian media as 'clear provocation'.

British jets start air patrols over Romania

Four Typhoon aircraft from the Royal Air Force arrived in Romania on Monday as part of NATO's enhanced Air Policing mission.

MBDA contracted to support Sea Viper weapon system on the Type...

MBDA has received a £175 million contract from the MoD for further 'In-Service Support' to the Sea Viper weapon system.


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Falklands Air-Bridge suspended after Ascension runway closed

Flights to Ascension Island, the key midway point in the Falklands Air Bridge, were suspended following reported issues with the airport’s runway.