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Italian F-35 jets return from NATO Icelandic patrol

The Italian Air Force say it has completed its mission executing NATO’s Iceland safeguarding deployment.

Defence firm Leonardo investing in solar-powered drone with heavy payload

Leonardo has invested in Skydweller Aero Inc, a start-up specialising in the development of a new generation of unmanned aircraft.

Chinook helicopter provides flooding defence assistance

The Chinook Force has been called in to assist at a pumping station near Doncaster following heavy rainfall, say the RAF.

Lockheed Martin test ‘Athena’ laser weapon

Lockheed Martin recently demonstrated their laser weapon system for the U.S. Air Force.

British Army air assault skills tested

The British Army say that helicopters flew into Colchester this week for soldiers and airmen to practise the basic skills behind air assault operations.

Chinese industrial giant to buy British Steel for £70m

It has been reported that Chinese firm Jingye Group is to buy UK steelmaker British Steel out of liquidation.

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