HMS Queen Elizabeth joins up with HMS Artful

HMS Queen Elizabeth has resumed her deployment and reformed with her Carrier Strike Group after a port visit in Italy.

U.S. warship fails to intercept test missile target

A U.S. warship failed to intercept a medium-range ballistic missile test target on Saturday, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency has said.

HMS Northumberland hunts submarine in Norwegian fjords

HMS Northumberland located and successfully tracked the Norwegian submarine Uredd in the fjords of Norway during an exercise.


MoD charters aircraft to move personnel out of Afghanistan

Lasting 8 days, the use of charter aircraft to move personnel between Kabul and Birmingham will cost £1.1 million.

How many sorties are RAF aircraft flying per month?

Here is a list detailing the number of sorties by Typhoon, Voyager, Sentinel, Rivet Joint and E-3 Sentry aircraft in each month between January 2019 and May 2021.

British F-35 conducts first ‘austere forward refuelling’

A F-35B from HMS Queen Elizabeth has conducted the UK Lightning Force's first 'austere forward refuelling' in an overseas environment, whilst operating from the carrier.


Britain second biggest defence spender in NATO

NATO has released a report detailing the defence spending of its members.

NATO allies in ‘show of firepower’ in the Balkans

British troops Troops joined forces from 13 countries for the 'Joint Allied Power Demonstration Day' in Romania, the culmination of a key NATO exercise called Steadfast Defender.

Scottish & North Irish Yeomanry hone skills

The exercise is designed to build upon low level skills in the Light Cavalry role.

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