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The Military and the Media

Former Royal Tank Regiment officer Stuart Crawford argues that it is time to stop seeing the media as the enemy and regard them more as friendly forces.

Ignore COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, speak to a professional

The better protected the public are against the threat of misinformation then the better off the UK is. It’s that simple.


Royal Navy tests new missile to defend against small boats

The Royal Navy has tested a new missile designed to protect warships from attacks by swarms of small boats.

Where has HMS Queen Elizabeth’s strike group been?

HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group have visited dozens of countries on the groups maiden deployment, here's a breakdown of what went where.

British aircraft carrier hosts ‘Pacific Future Forum’

HMS Prince of Wales is hosting a summit with UK allies to discuss technology, cyber, climate change and the Indo-Pacific.


British aircraft airlift 102 people that have left Afghanistan to the UK

Those transported include vulnerable Afghans who fall under the 'Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy' and British nationals.

ASRAAM Block 6 to enter service on F-35 and Typhoon by 2024

ASRAAM Block 6 standard is due to enter service on Typhoon in 2022 and F-35 Lightning II in 2024.

Atlas shows off ground-based aircraft refuelling capability

The team take fuel from a large multi-engine aircraft like the Atlas and transfer it into a tactical refuelling facility to provide support to aircraft forward deployed.


British peacekeepers engage armed terrorists in Mali

British troops deployed in Mali in a peacekeeping role have killed two armed terrorists after being fired upon whilst on patrol.

British Army share base with Scottish ambulances to help deal with COP26

The Scottish Ambulance Service are sharing a British Army facility in Cambuslang in Glasgow in order to deal with COP26.

Ajax gets ‘dedicated’ senior responsible person to oversee project

The new senior responsible owner is ultimately accountable for the troubled Ajax programme meeting its objectives.

International News

Fact Checks

Indian news shares video of Wales claiming it is Afghanistan

An Indian news channel has broadcast a clip of an American F-15 flying in Wales and claimed it is proof of a "full fledged Pakistani invasion" of Afghanistan.

How many frigates are being built in Scotland?

Shipyards in Scotland will build 8 Type 26 Frigates, 5 Type 31 Frigates and potentially an unspecified number of Type 32 Frigates.

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